The Monash Music Students' Society is a non-profit student organisation established by students of the university's music faculty, primarily aimed at enhancing cohesion amongst students, facilitating communication between staff and students, providing academic and study support and holding social events both in and outside of the university. After a year of planning, Monash MSS was officially inaugurated in May 2015 and currently has over 300 members.

Our Aim is to:

1. Provide a support network for students enrolled in the School of Music, particularly supporting First Year Music Students.

2. Foster a supportive, encouraging and cohesive student body within the School of Music to enhance student experience.

3. Facilitate connections between music students, professionals and community musicians to increase career opportunities through networking and awareness of available specialised fields in the music industry.

4. Provide readily accessible, quality study aids through student-made course-material and tutorial programmes to supplement formal lectures and increase academic success.

5. Promote opportunities available to students for participation in performances, music events, concerts, recitals and student life, and to promote budding musicians within the university.

6. Organise events to provide a forum for discussion, sharing of information, ideas regarding current or up-and-coming musical projects, competitions, performance exposure and social wellbeing.