Say hi to your new committee! We are a team of Monash Undergraduate Students studying a wide variety of degrees, who are all passionate about music education and the professional development of our members. Don’t be afraid to contact any of our committee members with anything you wish!



President | BMus/Arts

Matthew is a third-year Bachelor of Music and Arts double degree student. In his performance degree, he specialises Classical Saxophone. In his Arts degree, he is majoring in International Relations and German. Previously holding the role of Education Officer, Matthew is passionate about ensuring that every Music Student receives a well-rounded education and he is very excited to implement the new and exciting plans that the Monash MSS has for 2020. Please do not be afraid to come up and have a chat about anything at any time. You'll find Matthew hanging around PAC all the time as he virtually spends every waking hour there.


Vice President | BMus/Commerce

Arthur is a third year Commerce/Music double degree student majoring in Sustainability and Jazz Performance (Guitar). As well as music, Arthur also enjoys cricket, tennis and avoiding practice through binging Netflix. Make sure to say hi if you see him around!


Secretary | BMus/Science

Rachel is a third-year BSci/ BMus student, specialising in Classical Saxophone and majoring in Genetics with a minor in Molecular Biology. Rachel can be found getting up to mischief at Howitt Hall, the PAC & can especially be found in a practice room 2 weeks before her recital. If you see her around make yourself known and say hello, she’s always up for a chat (if you have a spare hour or so).


Treasurer | BMus/Commerce

Thong is a second year Bachelor of Commerce and Music student majoring in Finance and Music performance (Classical Piano) respectively. As a musician, he loves performing as a soloist, an accompanist, and in ensembles and chamber groups. He is also a passionate piano teacher who works hard to get his students eager to explore the piano and the vast amount of repertoire out there. Outside music, Thong loves tennis, table tennis, anime, a bit of kpop and is always down for a good game of league of legends. His favourite tennis players are Venus Williams and Roger Federer, favourite animes are Sakurasou, Attack on Titan and The Seven Deadly Sins, favourite kpop band is BLACKPINK and favourite champion to play in LOL is Katarina.


Education Officer | BMus/Commerce

James is a fourth year Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Music student. He specialises in classical clarinet and loves to play and listen to a wide variety of musical styles. He loves teaching and does his best to create a good and enjoyable learning environment for his students. In his spare time, James loves playing video games and solving logic puzzles. He can proudly beat most of his friends at any new board or video game.


Events Officer | BMus

Jessie is a third year BMus student specialising in Classical Saxophone. She is a massive dog lover who collects dog memes in her spare time. If you happen to see her around campus, she will approach you with a picture of 'Happy' the dog. She is also a bubble tea enthusiast and a GYG addict. You will find her getting her sugar (or taco) fix during the day at sharetea or GYG. Fun Fact! She is a Gemini but also a twin IRL!


Equity Officer | BMus/Law

Julia is a third year BMus/LLB student, specialising in Classical Flute. Julia is super passionate about two things: helping make sure you have the best time in your music degree, and finding the best sweet treats on campus. Come and say hi if you’re ever up for a chat, or if you just want to know the best spots to get the tastiest biscuits, slices and pastries on campus!


Assistant Secretary | BMus

In his second year of studying his BMus, Harrison specialises in Classical Clarinet Performance. Harrison enjoys a variety of music styles along side being a beard enthusiast and coffee addict. Being a sociable and cheerful person he's always up for a chat around uni. He also enjoy hilarious puns and dad jokes!


Assistant Treasurer | BMus/Commerce

Gabriel is a second year BComm/BMus student, majoring in Economics and specialising in Jazz Clarinet performance. You can find him frantically cramming in the Matheson library, or out on the squares court most days (instead of practicing). Gabi enjoys jamming with other musicians in the course (and outside!) and is always up for a chat with anyone!


Assistant Events | BMus

Colleen is a second year Bachelor of Music student specialising in Classical Trombone. You can see Colleen in her spare time at GYG or Neptunes. She enjoys Netflix, catching up with friends and driving around in her 25 year old car named Boris.


Student Representatives from each stream aims to represent the student body to further enhance the student experience at Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music.


Classical Representatives

Jordan is a third year BMus/Science double degree student specialising in Classical Clarinet and majoring in Developmental Biology and Minoring in Physiology. If he’s not procrastinating at PAC he will be at GyG with Jessie. If you ever need someone to complain to, Jordan is the best person to rant to.


Jazz Representative

Currently undergoing her second year of Jazz saxophone, Jess is quickly realizing how insolvent her career choice is. She enjoys a good jam, cheeky wine and is always down for a boogie. Loves a good chat over practice any day, so if you spot her in the practice rooms be sure to check in!


Composition/CMT Representative

Composition and Music Technology Representative Anusha is second year Bachelor of Science and Music student specialising in composition and music technology. Apart from scribbling musical ideas down, she plays saxophone and is involved in South Indian classical music. Outside the music scene, Anusha has a sweet tooth and loves any manner of sweet things. Say hi if you see her around on campus.


Ethnomusicology Representative

Iris Kennedy is a third year classical performance student specilising in clarinet. Aside from this, she is also a musicology/ethnomusicology nerd. You will usually see her around campus drinking some sort of hot beverage, practicing clarinet, reading or complaining about her reeds.


Non-BMus Student Representative/Marketing Social Media

John is a hip young thang from Bendigo Victoria. He is studying a double degree in Science/Arts. If he’s not studying at PAC, he can be found in a small shack on the outskirts of the local swamp. Looking forward to being your non-BMus Rep, and Social Media Marketing fairy.



Subcommittee members are an essential part of our committee who assists in any tasks on events or marketing. With the help of our four amazing subcommittee members, we bring you some of the coolest on and off campus events!



Events Subcommittee

Nick is a second year BMus student specialising in jazz saxophone. He is always tooting away in the practice room. He will always a conversation with a round of squares instead. Professional dog enthusiast, and has a PhD in memes



Events Subcommittee

Chiara is a third year BMus and Arts double degree student. She is currently specialising in Classical Clarinet and majoring in Italian Studies. You can often find her talking about her talking about her pug-cat, Kylo, or eating excessive amounts of chocolate.



FCF Officer

Daniel is a second year Bachelor of music/Arts double degree student. In his Music degree, he specialises Composition and Music Technology. In his spare time, he attempts to write music but usually ends up getting distracted by videos about the political climate of the USA. He hopes one day to turn his heavy metal musical into a fully fledged production that will recoup roughly half its total cost. He is also a trumpet player and an attempted guitarist!




Isobel is second year BMus student in the Popular Voice stream. she enioys binge watching quality tv shows, procrastination and eating/drinking melted chocolate. You'll see her running to her classes as she is consistently 5 minutes late to everything.


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