Caterina is one of the founding members of Monash Music Students' Society. She took the role of Assistant Secretary in 2015 when the club was inaugurated in May. In 2016, she became the club's second President. Since then, she has been a wonderful advisor while the club continuously grew over the past few years. Her colleagues describe her as a dedicated, hard-working, a great leader and a listener. She became an honorary member and received a lifetime membership in 2018 AGM.




President - Genevieve Trinh
Vice President - Daniel Tan
Secretary - Emily Domingo
Assistant Secretary - Caterina Turnbull 
Treasurer - Arthur Athan
Assistant Treasurer - Madeleine Stratmann
Events Officer - Hayden Dun
Equity Officer - Tom Bunnett


President - Caterina Turnbull
Vice President - Rex Lee
Secretary - Stephanie Abbott
Assistant Secretary - Yii Ying Tan
Treasurer - Allan Tao
Assistant Treasurer - Emily Domingo
Education Officer - Lauren Arnett
Events Officer - James Zong
Equity Officer - Amber Ferarro


President - Ursula Searle 

Vice President - Kathleen O'Reilly

Secretary - Michelle Dang

Treasurer - Jerry Li

​Assistant Secretary - Jasmine Xiao

Assistant Treasurer - Callum Kruske

Classical Education Officer - Amogh Ananth

Jazz Education Officer - Callum Kruske

Events Officers - Sophie Cashin & Po Goh

Equity Officer - Lam Nguyen-Hoang

Marketing  Subcommittee - Kathy Nguyen

Events Subcommittee - William Yates & Jai Liu

First Year Representatives - Arthur Xafis & Angela Wu 

Composition Student Representative - Lindsay Dwyer

Pop Voice Representative - Isaac Stott

Gigs and Culture Officers - Katie Zanco-Hinds & Marcus Macklin


President - Kathleen O'Reilly

Vice President - Sophie Cashin

Secretary - Michelle Dang

Treasurer - Angela Wu

​Assistant Secretary - Jasmine Xiao

Assistant Treasurer - Jerry Li

Education Officer - Matthew Chipman

Events Officer - Arthur Xafis

Assisstant Event Officer - Jessie Park

Marketing  Subcommittee - Henry Davis

Events Subcommittee - Bianca Montagner

First Year Representatives - Leslie Xan 

Jazz/Contemporary Student Representative - Jack Doherty-Brown

Classical Student Representative - Sheri Thomas 

Composition Student Representative - Lindsay Dwyer

Pop Voice Student Representative - Isaac Stott

Future Creatives Festival Representative - Rachel Berger


President - Matthew Chipman

Vice President - Arthur Xafis

Treasurer - Thong Truong

Secretary - Rachel Berger

Education Officer - James Morrissey

Events Officer - Jessie Park

Equity Officer - Julia Mercuri-Svik

Assistant Treasurer - Gabriel Basman

Assistant Secretary - Harrison McEwen

Assistant Events Officer - Colleen Wurfel

Classical Student Representative - Jordan Higgins

Jazz and Improvisation Student Representative - Jess Mahler

Popular Music Student Representative - Felicity Adams

Composition and Music Technology Student Representative - Anusha Yellapragada

Ethnomusicology and Musicology Student Representative - Iris Kennedy

Non-BMus Student Representative - John Lavery

Monash Future Creatives Director - Daniel Parr

Events Subcommittee - Chiara Bellino

Events Subcommittee - Nick Hill

Events Subcommittee - Julia Mercuri-Svik